Aline Partners provide consulting services and expertise to various kinds of for-profit and non-profit organisations, such as:

  • Civil society organisations as they prepare to scale their proven models or to operationalise a winning coalition.
  • Coalitions and collectives as they seek alignment for collective action.
  • Philanthropies and high net worth individuals (HNIs), as they build a portfolio of giving.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility leaders as they seek to fund high-impact projects and programmes.

Aline Partners seek to contribute towards a Flourishing Society in the era of unprecedented change that includes economic prosperity, human dignity, and social justice for all. Organisations need to work across multiple themes and functions in order to deliver effectively. A fair profit consulting framework can effectively deliver specialist functions and services with long-term engagements and structured deliverables. We aim to help partners maintain their core focus on programme delivery and programme quality by assisting organisations with long-term (vision and strategy) and short-term assignments (deliverables in technology, communications, and programme design). As a consulting firm, we aim to strike a balance between being insiders and outsiders in our work.

At Aline Partners, our approach is centred around civil society organisations and their work. With our team's extensive experience in collaborating with CSOs, we have developed a deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges. By working closely with CSO leadership teams and being involved in the field, we have gained valuable insights that enable us to develop effective and realistic implementation strategies.
Rather than relying on rigid log frames and result frameworks, we prioritise the values and culture of each organisation. This approach allows us to tailor our services to meet the specific needs and goals of each CSO, fostering empathy and promoting collaboration throughout the process.

As a boutique consulting practice, our focus is on providing in-depth and high-quality services to organisations. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of each organisation and seeing each project through to completion. Our transparent pricing structure is based on the efforts required, and we ensure that our team members are compensated fairly for their work. From the outset, we prioritise building a diverse team to bring a wide range of perspectives and voices to our consulting practice. Our emphasis on diversity encompasses factors such as gender, language, and caste, among others, to ensure that we are fully representative of the communities we serve.