What We Do

Organisations work in a complex system that requires structural changes to create long-lasting impact. As organisations grow, the institution and its internal structures and processes need to evolve to remain dynamic. Further, they require support to use technology to re-look at processes and to build information systems. Our consulting framework threads these loose ends together to ensure that the thematic expertise that organisations bring can create maximum impact.

At Aline Partners, we help our clients (civil society organisations and social enterprises):

  • Weave programme strategy and operational plans with systems change initiatives to create maximum impact.
  • Maintain the purpose, energy, and momentum of organisations especially as they make large-scale changes.
  • Scope the boundaries of the system and identify areas of focus.
  • Integrate and leverage technology and data with their processes to facilitate greater learning programme success.
  • Understand the behaviours of various actors and identify interventions through relevant research and data analysis.
  • Align with end users, team members, and other allies on the theory of change; which will further help design the systems change strategy in line with the theory of change.
  • Build a common ground and create a roadmap for collective action.
  • Translate programme strategy to fit within the scope of the organisation’s work plan and budget.
  • Plan fundraising to resource the programme and the organisation.

Services Offered At Aline Partners

Ecosystem Development Support:
  • Systems Change Support: We help organisations work through their approaches, identify levers of change and build perspective on their own work.
  • Scale-up Support: We assist organisations to build large-scale programmes and support organisations transitioning from one stage to another.
Strategic Philanthropy and Organisational Development Support:
  • Organisational Development Services: We work with organisations to build strategies, programmes, and an integrated view of their programmes.
  • Programme Design to Implementation: We help organisations build an integrated stack from design to implementation and reporting enabled by technology tools that can easily and effectively communicate the work of the organisation. Our expertise enhances clients' productivity and impact communication by helping them select and implement the best tools.
  • Give more, Give Better: We work with philanthropies and individuals to make high-impact grants and help build organisations ready to scale their impact.
Communication Strategy:
  • We help organisations with strategic communication plans, building tools for effective internal and external communication:
    • We build internal knowledge systems, platforms and forums that contribute to organisational growth.
    • We work with organisations to build a long term outreach plan that can be executed through their websites and social media (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin)
Other Areas of Support:
  • Financial planning: We integrate programme strategy with financial planning and help build a sustainable long-term vision for the organisation.
  • Mentoring Young Organisations: We work with young establishments and leaders to develop their organisations and approaches to their work.

Areas Of Specialisation